The EZ-GO golf cart stock air box was not designed for use in dusty, dirty environments, and does not provide sufficient filtering when used in this environment. In order to fix this problem our first step is to upgrade to a higher quality filter. More importantly, a better seal between your filter and carburetor is needed. EZ-GO's do not come with a flange on the carburetor where you can easily mount a K&N filter; so we designed a billet aluminum, CNC milled, filter adapter. The adapter bolts directly to the carburetor, and the K&N filter slides over the new flange to provide a perfect seal. This upgraded filter and perfect seal increase both the air flow and power in the EZ-GO golf cart leading to improved overall performance.

In removal of the stock air box, you lose your crankcase breather vent port; so on the bottom of the adapter is a 1/8 pipe tap, where a 3/8 hose barb attaches too. This allows the crankcase breather hose to be attached. The complete kit comes with everything needed for installation.

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